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Pallet Label Printer Applicator

Label pallets efficiently, safely and with ease thanks to the new design of the Evolabel Pallet Label Printer Applicator.

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With a new, enhanced design focusing on safety and ease of use, the Evolabel Pallet Label Printer Applicator ensures pallets are labelled efficiently and error free.

The pallet label applicator can be integrated to a turntable, allowing for pallets to be labelled on two sides by the one machine. 


Produce compliant SSCC Labels

Thanks to the high quality print the pallet label printer applicator offers, it produces crisp and clear label text. This makes it perfect for producing compliant SSCC Labels as they are easily scannable and can produce both text and symbols.

Increase pallet labelling accuracy 

Reduce labelling error thanks to the pallet label printer applicator. By applying a label to multiple sides of a pallet at once and being able to scan the labels without the pallet needing to stop, it reduces the likelihood of the wrong label being applied to a pallet as the need for operator intervention is minimal. 

Flexwipe Capabilities - the arm can move/rotate easily for multiple label positioning

New technology installed in the Evolabel pallet labelling machine, means that it can print and apply a label onto multiple sides of the pallet without having the pallet stop on the production line.

eTamp Applicator Abilities

With its innovative design and built from light-weight robust aluminum, you can easily print and apply labels to pallets of various sizes. Thanks to it being an electric driven applicator, it can change its stroke lengths automatically to suit the product it needs to label.

Label Validation Integration

With iDSnet software we can intergrate label validation to ensure the accurate label is applied to the right pallet at the right time, and barcodes are readable and scannable.

Automating the Pallet Labelling Process

With automatic applicators that print and apply the label to the pallet, it reduces the need for someone to stand there and apply the label to the pallet by hand. This is not only cost effective but can also increase efficiency on the production line as well.

Industry-Leading High Speed Motorized Stand

Evolabel allows you to label dual stack and variable height (e.g. butt pallet) without human intervention thanks to the motorized stand. This helps in making the process of labelling pallets efficient and doesn't slow down your production line.


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Evolabel Pallet Label Printer Applicator

Evolabel Flex Wipe Pallet Labeling System - A giant leap for Pallet Labelling; Enhancing Safety, Maximizing Throughput, Ensuring Traceability and Releasing Flexibility.


AUSPACK 2019 Re-Cap – Live Pallet Labelling Demonstration

With AUSPACK over for another year, now is the perfect time to re-cap on what was another great show. Matthews once again had a range of award winning technology on display, including the Evolabel Pallet Label Applicator and other new solutions to help make your production environment more efficient, safe and reliable..

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