iDSnet Flow powered by OFS

Enabling businesses to digitize their workplace practices

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iDSnet Flow powered by OFS is a paperless module allowing production facilities to receive alerts in real-time, in any location and on any type of device. Designed with the intention of providing users with more feedback around their production processes, businesses are able to gain deeper insights into what's occurring on their production.

Using networks and the cloud, factories can become a digisited place reducing their paper processes and helping to increase efficiency and output on the production floor. 


Trigger forms through real-time data

  • iDSnet Flow powered by OFS is designed around a series of dynamic triggers. These triggers can be configured to fire in response to a wide range of production-line events including line-start or high volume counts etc. Viewing information from these triggers can occur in real-time through the use of operator consoles and dashboards, allowing you to see what's happening, when.

Digitize processes and workflows

  • All production floor information historically collected using paper forms (shift cards, job cards, downtime etc) can now be entered into digital operator consoles, located on the production floor. This enables businesses to reduce the need for manual paperwork processes and realise the value a digital production environment delivers.

Share data across networks and business

  • The wireless connectivity of iDSnet Flow powered by OFS allows information to be sent around your business in a seamless process, to enable quick and efficient data sharing across all departments.

Paperless Factory Potential

  • Operating over the network and cloud, iDSnet Manager powered by OFS reduces the amount of paper moving around the production floor. Having all data entered into a console and computers means no piece of valuable information gets misplaced and it can be easily recalled in seconds.

Automatically capture and receive production line data

  • Electronic forms are triggered based on what’s occurring in real-time. Operators and managers are able to receive production line data and alerts automatically and on any device, to effectively keep up-to-date with what’s happening on the production floor.

Real Time Production Monitoring

Why iDSnet Flow powered by OFS?

  • With iDSnet Flow powered by OFS you're not only reducing the amount paper floating around the production floor, but you're assisting in driving efficiency and profit improvements for your business. The use of feedback on forms and accessing insights through live dashboards means businesses can gain a greater insight into what's occurring on their production line and why it's happening, when it's happening. 
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