Print on Shelf-Ready Packaging

Set up your shelf-ready packaging for success with Matthews.

Shelf-Ready Packaging

Shelf-ready packaging, also known as retail-ready packaging, is a growing trend in Australia and globally. Coles, Woolworths and Aldi are welcoming the packaging format from suppliers because it brings the advantages of more efficient stock rotation and reduced waste.

Matthews helps you print on shelf-ready packaging to meet retailer standards and propel your success.

Streamline your shelf-ready packaging

Printing on retail-ready packaging is easy with the right technology solutions. We bring the best range of technology solutions to print on shelf-ready trays and packaging, so you can:

  • Increase product visibility on the shelf
  • Meet strict retailer and industry standards
  • Build stronger relationships with trading partners
  • Reduce stock rejections
  • Improve brand reputation with high quality packaging

Tick all the boxes

Major Australian retailers, Coles and Woolworths, have established recommendations for shelf-ready packaging which make it easy for shoppers and store staff. These are known as the ‘five easies’:

1. Easy to identify: Ensure your packaging clearly conveys tray contents to help shoppers selecting goods, and staff replenishing shelves. Maximise visibility with printing on multiple sides.

2. Easy to open: Store staff should be able to quickly remove excess packaging, without the need for a cutter, to stock the tray unit on the shelf. Front and sides of packaging should be perforated and feature finger holes.  

3. Easy to shelve: Design your packaging to suit a variety of shelf depths and multiple stacking configurations: on top of each other, side by side, behind each other, and so on.

4. Easy to shop: Make it easy for people to select your product with maximum visibility. At least 80% of the individual product should be visible when inside the tray. This means the display lip of the tray should be as low as possible. 

5. Easy to dispose or recycle: Enable cardboard and wrapping to be collected by stores for recycling. Also, SRP improves stock rotation which in turn reduces product wastage.

Tailored solutions for your shelf-ready packaging

We work with you to ensure you have the right technology solution to meet your business needs, now and in the future:

  • Print high quality codes on high speed production lines
  • Print on a range of board grades, structural designs and formats
  • Reinforce branding messages with promotional codes

Make it easy to identify

Stay compliant with the relevant standards for messaging and branding on shelf-ready packaging. Coles and Woolworths require their suppliers to use high-quality coding and to clearly convey shelf-ready tray contents throughout the supply chain and on the shelf.

As a GS1 Alliance Partner, Matthews will help you implement the right solutions to meet your industry and retailer standards when you print on retail ready packaging.

Our Recommended Solutions for Printing on Shelf-Ready Packaging

Continuous Inkjet

Get accurate and consistent product marking and coding on shelf-ready packaging with a Continuous Inkjet Printer (CIJ) from Matthews. CIJ is a fast, precise and reliable way to print high quality codes onto shelf-ready packaging. Learn more

Impulse Inkjet Printer

Get the advantage of exceptionally high-resolution printing on shelf-ready packaging with an Impulse Inkjet Printer. Economical and efficient, these printers can manage high speed production lines with ease. The Matthews Mperia T-Series can be programmed to print various messages, including alphanumeric text, barcodes and graphics, on either one or two sides. Learn more

Thermal Inkjet

Print high quality codes, even at high line speeds, with a Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) from Matthews. Ideal for shelf-ready packaging, TIJ printers create exceptional quality codes at speed. Learn more