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Production Line Analytics software is a feedback focused solution, allowing you to gain deep insights into what's happening on your production line. The easy to use software makes implementation a quick and uncomplicated process, so you can start gaining valuable insights into your production facility. 


Analyse production process efficiently and easily 

  • View production line stops, starts and change-over analytics all from a single, easy to read dashboard. The analysis of workplace processes, checks and output can be an easy, effective and efficient activity so you can streamline your production line and increase output.

Feedback focused so you can target the right metrics

  • Our iDSnet Production Line Analytics platform has been designed to enable class-leading operator & manager feedback. Feedback after each shift, product change over or form submission, helps your business gain more in-depth insights into what's occurring on your production line. You'll be amazed at the value that spotting and acting on critical trends early provides to your manufacturing business.

Intuitive to use and operate 

  • Change shifts, jobs and view production line data in a few simple clicks. Data is easy to digest and understand thanks to the simple and intuitive design, helping to quickly gain familiarity with the system.

Uncomplicated integration 

  • Production line analytics and alert is a 'plug-and-play' system. With a small console being the only thing that needs to be 'plugged' into the production line, integration into an existing line is a simple, uncomplicated process.

View production data in a format that makes sense to your business

  • Access to substantial amounts of data means you can compare lines and operational performance with ease. With the ability to compare production output against each line, shifts, jobs and the start and end of runs, your business is able to gain valuable insights to help increase production facility efficiency.
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