Technology Selector

The Matthews technology selector is a tool that we have developed to aid your research process when seeking a coding or labelling solution

Please provide all the inputs for Steps 1 through 5 to see the results at the end.

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Step 1

Do you wish to print directly onto the substrate or apply a label?

Print Direct Direct
Print Label Label
Step 2

What is the height of the message in mm?

Step 3

What is your line speed in m/min?

Step 4

What substrate are you printing onto?

I am printing on to Cardboard
I am printing on to Film
I am printing on to Shrink wrap
Shrink wrap
I am printing on to Food / Produce
Food / Produce
I am printing on to Glass
I am printing on to Metal
I am printing on to Paper
I am printing on to Plastic (Eg. PE, PP, PVC)
Plastic (Eg. PE, PP, PVC)
I am printing on to Textiles
I am printing on to Wood
I am printing on to Pallet
Step 5

What message type are you printing?

I am printing on to GS1 Barcode
GS1 Barcode
I am printing on to Internally Used Barcode
Internally Used Barcode
I am printing on to Use-by Date
Use-by Date
I am printing on to Data Matrix
Data Matrix
I am printing on to Ingredients Panel
Ingredients Panel
I am printing on to Nutritional Panel
Nutritional Panel
I am printing on to Simple Alpha Numeric
Simple Alpha Numeric
I am printing on to Simple Logo
Simple Logo
I am printing on to Complex Logo
Complex Logo
I am printing on to Line or Dot Marking
Line or Dot Marking
Our Recommended Solutions
Small Character Continuous Inkjet
Small character continuous inkjet

CIJ is a non-contact printing technology that can be used for coding on a variety of substrates even at high line speeds.

Large Character Drop On Demand
Large character drop on demand

DOD inkjet printers, most suited to printing on to secondary packaging, are simple to operate, require minimal maintenance and are very robust and reliable.

Thermal Transfer Overprinters
Thermal Transfer Overprinting

Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) are typically used for coding on to flexible packaging films and self-adhesive labels.

Print Label
Label Printer Applicator

LPA prints onto pressure-sensitive thermal sensitive labels, then automatically applies those labels to an item.

Label Applicator
Label Applicator

Label Applicator (LA) labelling systems apply pre-printed pressure-sensitive labels onto products.

Laser Branding Marking

Lasers are a very fast way to print high quality permanent codes on a vast range of substrates.

Thermal Inkjet Prints for Carton Coding and 2D Coding

Thermal inkjet prints exceptional quality codes at low cost typically used for carton coding and 2D coding across a variety of packaging.

Print Label

High Resolution Inkjet Printers provide optimum print resolution and high speed printing for large or small mark sizes.