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The Matthews Weigh Price Labeller powered by iDSnet is built from high quality, durable and advanced technology to meet any business requirements. A complete, NMI approved system, our weigh price labelling machine integrates onto your production line either as a standalone system or with full ERP integration with your existing production software for total line visibility.

Ideal for businesses producing small good products or with slower production speeds, our weigh price labeller allows you to efficiently label products and cartons from one, simple to use machine. Increase your business' overall productivity while having the added peace of mind your products and labels meet strict quality standards.


NMI Approved for Point of Sale (POS) Products

New for 2021, our Manual Weigh Price Labelling System has been approved for weigh price labelling of Point of Sale products by the National Measurement Institute (NMI). Powered by Matthews own iDSnet, you can print labels that include product weight, product description, price, and barcode. Rest assured that your weigh price labelling solution is approved by the NMI and is compliant with a broad range of retail specification requirements.

The plug & play weigh price labelling system

The Matthews Static Weigh Price Labelling System is designed for exceptional ease of use via the iDSnet interface. All parts arrive pre-assembled on one stand, so minimal operator training is required to get started. This means the weigh price labeller can be integrated and operational on your production line faster, allowing you to increase efficiency sooner.

Compact, mobile & integrated

Matthews manual weigh price labelling system combines class-leading static scales with dual (product and carton) label printers and intelligent software into one integrated, small footprint stainless steel trolley. The Matthews system is portable enough that it can be easily moved between production lines and facilities if and when your needs change.

Easily & efficiently label products and cartons

Label point of sale products, up to 30kg, along with shipper carton labels from a single integrated, NMI approved system. Our intelligent software, iDSnet, automatically prints a carton label once the predetermined product quantity is reached, ensuring the accuracy of label and carton information while also helping to maintain production line speeds and efficiency.

A Stand Alone or Integrated Solution

The Matthews weigh price labeller is equipped to run either fully stand-alone or integrated with your existing production software. Thanks to our innovative package code management software, iDSnet, the Matthews weigh price labeller can be managed via the included screen or seamlessly integrated with your existing production software for total line control and optimisation. Either option ensures an increase in efficiency and label accuracy for your business.

Versatile label applications to meet unique business requirements

Our versatile weigh price labelling systems can accommodate either pre-printed or blank label rolls, depending on your specific requirements. When using blank label rolls, the weigh price labeller can include a logo along with the product weight, product description, price and barcode printed fields.

Weigh Price Labelling
Weigh Price Labelling
Weigh Labelling
Weigh Labelling
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