Quality Inks and Solvents

Quality inks and solvents bring out the best in your equipment. They will ensure you get the best result and ultimately prolong the life of your coder or labeller. 

When you work with Matthews, you can be sure you are getting the right inks and solvents for your specific equipment. And because all our consumables are test to meet strict quality standards, you will benefit from consistently high quality printing and value for money.  

Complete range of Inks

With Matthews, it’s easy to get the ink you need, when you need it. Matthews stocks an extensive range of inks for Small Character Inkjet Coders and Large Character Drop On Demand Inkjet Coders across both our Linx and Matthews ranges. 

Get high quality results by letting Matthews determine the proper ink for your application. Simply tell us your marking requirements – adhesion, substrate, drying time, ink colour and printing method – and we'll recommend the best ink for your specific application. 

Our range of inks includes: 

  • General purpose inks: Outstanding performance on most common materials, making them ideal for most general external packaging.

  • Enhanced Adhesion Inks: Excellent print quality on almost all substrates and superior adhesion to plastics and plastic films, which are typically difficult to print on.

  • Pigmented Inks: Available in variety of colours and provide the best possible contrast on light or dark materials. Particularly suited to product identification of rubber and plastic, especially PVC, for pipes and cables. 

  • Process Tolerant Inks: Designed to code and mark products that are exposed to processes commonly found in the food and beverage industry, e.g. cooking, sterilisation or pasteurisation.

  • Removable Coding Inks: Designed for situations that need temporary product identification e.g. beverage industry, where containers are returned/reused and laboratory and medical glassware. 

  • Security (UV Readable) Inks: Allow discreet coding and marking applications such as anti-counterfeiting or internal traceability. 

  • Thermochromic Inks: Undergo a permanent colour change when subjected to certain wet-heat conditions, such as the sterilisation processes used in the food industry. They meet USDA regulations about incidental contact with food. 

Plus a full range of inks for Large Character Drop on Demand printers.

Whether you have a technical question about inks or need to know which one is best to you, call our experts – we are just a phone call away.

Contact us for help choosing the right ink and solvents for your equipment or order online today. 

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