Spill Management & Safe Storage

Maximise safety and productivity in your plant. Matthews provides a range of spill response kits, cleaning kits and flammable storage cabinets so you can protect your employees and ensure a clean, safe workplace.

Spill kits for fast spill response

Respond to spills quickly and effectively. Available in fixed mount or mobile, Matthews has spill response kits that can be positioned strategically in your facility. With the right spill kit, you can control odours caused by spills, protect employees and ensure your workplace can quickly get back to normal. 

Our range of spill response kits are absorb almost all types of liquid spills, including oils, coolants, water, acids, caustics, or unknown liquids. Explore the full range [link]. 

Flammable storage kits

Reduce fire risks and protect workers by storing hazardous flammables and chemicals safely. Matthews’ flammable storage cabinets offer the greatest protection against dangerous spills and leaks. If you must use or store dangerous goods on your premises, legislation requires you protect the health and safety of employees and visitors by ensuring that goods are contained, packaged and labelled correctly. Find out more about our flammable storage cabinets. 


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