Matthews Mperia V-Series: Robust large character coding

Combining the innovative Mperia platform with Drop On Demand valve inkjet technology, Matthews Mperia V-Series is ideal for large character coding and marking in challenging industrial environments and packing applications. 

The V-Series features large character print, ranging from 3mm to 127 mm, and an ability to stack print heads for large logos and graphics. Together with its durable design, this makes the V-Series ideal to meet the demands of extreme environments. 

Top Features & Benefits of the Mperia V-Series 

  • Best-in-class Mperia platform: V-Series printheads are operated by the innovative Mperia platform. This common platform makes message programming simple and helps manage multiple production lines and printhead groups from a single interface. 

  • Exceptional print flexibility: Mperia V-Series 8000+ printheads can easily modify character heights from 5mm and 128mm. Large character coding can be achieved by stacking several printheads on top of each other to make large graphic, such as a logo. Print numerous lines of text or higher resolution graphics by selecting the 7, 16 or 32 valves combination.

  • Faster printing: Matthews’ DOD print heads are the fastest in the industry, marking over 244 meters/min (800 fpm) with the longest life – over 6 billion firings per head.

  • Easy installation and changeover: Fast start-up and colour change without purging means you can easily switch production lines with minimal downtime. 

  • Easy to use: Pairing an intuitive, touch screen GUI with PC-based hardware, the Mperia controller is simple to use and is available in several sizes to meet your needs. Built-in image editor comes as standard on 12” and 15” screens. 

  • Remote control: Control functions remotely to alleviate operator error or to efficiently coordinate multiple printers simultaneously.  

  • Scaled to fit: Mperia has been designed around scalability, allowing the flexibility to bolt on solutions as your business grows. From small to large systems, the V-Series can be adapted to meet your needs. 

  • Effortless connection: Connect via Ethernet or by simple command line interface over its serial port, or do so wirelessly using its Virtual Network Computing capabilities.

  • Reduce coding errors: Seamless integration with ERP systems and WMS databases helps to reduce coding errors and improves productivity.  

Contact Matthews to find out how we can integrate the Mperia V-Series printer into your production line.  

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Matthews drop on demand (DOD) technology has a performance record of solving the most challenging, industrial and packaging coding applications.
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