Two Dimensional Coding

Whether it’s QR codes or Datamatrix codes, Matthews has a solution to apply two-dimensional codes to your products. With flexible, advanced technology, our 2D coding solutions make it easy to take advantage of the latest codes for your business.

The difference between linear barcodes and 2D barcodes is in the type and amount of data they can hold. Two-dimensional barcodes can hold significantly more data than linear:

QR codes are two-dimensional computer-generated images. Today they are used by brands to communicate with consumers, for example, in competitions and promotions. The consumer simply aims their smart device at the QR code, and the relevant application deciphers the code and takes action e.g. connecting to a webpage.

Datamatrix codes are compact two-dimensional barcode symbols, made up of square modules. They are read by 2D imaging scanners or vision systems, which are typically not used at general retail point-of-sale. Datamatrix is popular for marking small items such as electronic components.

Benefits of 2D codes

  • Save valuable packaging space: Able to store more information and more character types – all in a smaller space.
  • Get high quality results: Can be more tolerant of fluctuations in print quality than 1D barcodes.
  • Creative applications: Codes are read and decoded using an image-based reader, including smartphone cameras, which makes them ideal for promotions and competitions.

Take advantage of the latest 2D coding

Whatever your business and production environment, Matthews can help you implement the right 2D coding solution for your products. Contact our experts and find out how to use QR codes, Datamatrix codes and other 2D code scanners for:

  • Product identification
  • Product traceability
  • Product origin and more
  • Promotions and competitions
  • Marketing campaigns

Speak to Matthews to find out how two-dimensional coding can transform your business.

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