Ultimate Guide to Serialisation: 2019 Edition

Ultimate Guide to Serialisation for the Australian Food and Beverage Industry 

Fact: Counterfeit Products are on the rise

Counterfeiting is a global issue - has been for years. But advances in technology have given counterfeiters the ability to make ever-more convincing counterfeit goods, and fast.

But it's no longer only luxury products and electronics that are being counterfeited. Today we're seeing a rise in counterfeit food and beverage products. And while it's obviously a global issue, counterfeiters are increasingly preying on Australian goods, taking advantage of their reputation as superior, high-quality produce.

That's where serialisation comes in. With the growth in goods exports, the time has come for the food and beverage industry to apply serialisation for better traceability and authenticity. After all, protecting their brands and their consumers should be priorities for every business.


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