Automate Your Way To Lean Manufacturing

Make your manufacturing processes more competitive through automation.

Modern control and automation systems combine management and production levels, helping companies automate their way to success.

Experts have estimated that less than 5% of the steps and time taken in producing a product actually create customer value.

“Lean” thinking is a proven system for product development, mass production and other business areas to remove bottlenecks and reduce non-value-adding wastes, enabling a faster flow of value to your customers.

This whitepaper is for businesses keen to move towards lean principals. If you’re on the path already, you may have discovered that implementing lean is not as cut and dried as it might seem, because while you can effectively apply the principles through most of your manufacturing environment, the packaging area remains a black hole. That’s because in-depth visibility is mostly non-existent. And what you can’t see and measure, you can’t manage and improve

This whitepaper explores lean, how to implement it and how solutions such as iDSnet can remove the “packaging black hole” and help you drive continuous improvement. It also details:

There’s no doubt that automating quality processes is the key to delivering the highest quality products. And in today’s environment, that is a huge competitive advantage. But there’s also a push from the major Australian food and grocery retailers to embrace this technology to enhance product quality and reduce the risk of errors.

This whitepaper will give you a comprehensive understanding of how you can utilise automated product inspection to improve processes.

  • use of machine vision for quality assurance
  • how to automate to achieve greater efficiency
  • how to implement OEE measures in the packaging hall

Lean Manufacturing

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