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Vision Inspection Systems

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Achieve effective and lean manufacturing processes easily with a vision inspection solutions. With Vision Inspection Systems technology, Matthews makes it easy to achieve the benefits of a simple vision inspection solution.

Our inspection systems are designed to satisfy your business processes, ranging from giving a simple pass or fail, to verifying code presence and empty container presence. 

Thanks to advance technology, our vision systems can  integrate with the Matthews software, iDSnet, so you can easily check for product quality, record and recall data. 

A standard vision system that we design can be for the following requirements:
  • Closure presence: Ensure the closure is placed on a bottle or pack.
  • Code presence: Solution that verifies code presence or absence in one exact position.
  • Item count: Use smart cameras to count bottles and other containers within cartons.
  • Label presence: Ensure perfect product presentation and confirm label is present.
  • Barcode grading: Ensure the barcode will scan at the point of sale.

Not only are the Matthews vision systems able to perform basic code presence, but they can be customisable to suit more complex solutions. They can perform one or multiple of the following actions:

  • Cross reference: Matching or cross referencing multiple elements of packaging.
  • Code inspection: Complete in-line solution that verifies code presence, position and formation.
  • Line monitoring: High speed cameras can diagnose a diverse range of manufacturing process issues.
  • Closure and seal validation: Check the integrity of a closure placed on a bottle, tub or pack.
  • Empty container inspection: Inspected empty bottles, cans, tubes. boxes. tubs etc to see dimensional and cosmetic requirements.
  • Item count: Use smart cameras to count bottles and other containers within cartons.
  • Label inspection: Ensure perfect product presentation and confirm label ID every time.
  • Packaging quality inspection: Inspect products to verify packaging process was completed to standards and specifications.
  • Pick & Place: Use vision inspection to facilitate robotic pick & place processes for fast detection of positions and orientations of parts for identification. 


Integration Options

The Matthews range of vision inspection solutions can be easily integrated with our software solution, iDSnet.

Integration between iDSnet and vision systems provides your business with not only an opportunity to gain deeper insights into your production line, but also gives you the ability to store production line data. 

With iDSnet you're able to record the number of inspected barcodes/prints, how many passed your quality standards, how many failed and the reasons for their pass/fail. This valuable information means you can see what the main causes of errors are and put processes into place to help your production output and quality increase. Having a system that automatically checks the quality of your products before they leave the production facility, assists in making sure your products aren't rejected by retailers due to not meeting quality standards, saving you valuable time and money. 

All this information can be stored in your companies database, allowing for easy access to information when you need it. Having information stored in one, easy place allows you to you monitor and provides insights into your efficiency levels and the quality of your product production. 


Whether it is a basic or customisable solution, there are a number of factors that need to be considered including: 

  • Product presentation to the camera
  • Lighting conditions
  • Type of packaging (things like a reflective surface could make it complex)
  • Number of products, variants and SKUs
  • Line speeds
  • Space to install the system
  • Reject process required
  • Data capture required
Data Capture
Data Capture
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Vision Inspection
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