Benefits of Integrating Identification and Inspection

Achieve improved production visibility, advanced product traceability and error-free handling.

The food and grocery industry is constrained by regulation and compliance requirements, where accurate product indentification forms the backbone of the value chain.

This eBook was written by from interviews with our vision and integration specialists.

Divided into three chapters, it firstly looks at the benefits of integrating product ID and inspection.

The next section gives real-life examples of how integration detected the cause of problems for manufacturers and solved them — such as spillage from yoghurt tubs, lost profits from overfilled punnets, and incorrect products being in a container, the barcode being incorrect or having a barcode that just won’t scan.

The last chapter looks at using labels as more than “this is what’s in here”, to really communicating with and engaging customers, going through the various options.

This eBook is a handy reference if you’ve experienced problems with products, but not known the cause. It will guide you through how and when integrated product ID and inspection are beneficial.

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