How packaging improvements help optimise your supply chain

When packaging is designed and constructed properly, it enables products to move smoothly through the supply chain

Optimising packaging can help lower overall logistics costs, and raise the level of supply and/or delivery service

Packaging and logistics are influenced heavily by packaging design and warehouse automation, which means improvements to both, will ultimately lead to improvements in supply chain efficiencies.

Optimal packaging of a product is a critical factor in logistics. Without it, many logistics processes cannot be performed, or can be carried out only at great additional cost.

While packaging development is a complex process with many different parameters that must be addressed, such as product requirements, distribution of products, the retailer, the consumer and sustainability, if the product and the packaging can be developed in a more integrated manner, this would improve the competitiveness of the total package and enable supply chain efficiencies.

In this whitepaper, you'll be informed about:

  • The three types of packaging
  • The relationship between packaging and logistics efficiencies
  • The consequences of ineffective packaging
  • How to be innovative with packaging
  • And more...

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