Linx 8920

Maximum efficiency, minimal effort

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The Linx 8920 CIJ printer provides flexible, coding with up to 5 lines of print across a wide range of production line speeds, and with fewer maintenance interventions than other CIJ printers.


Key benefits of the Linx 8920

  • Flexible inkjet coder with 5-line coding, 2D code printing capability
  • High line speed up to 6.25m/s as standard
  • Extended service intervals up to 18,000hrs/24 months
  • Unique system monitoring helps avoid unscheduled stoppages
  • Large colour touch-screen for quick and simple code setup
  • Simple self-service and quick-change fluid cartridges

Easy to setup and operate

  • Store up to 50 named line settings – for quick retrieval at product changeovers; settings can be transferred between printers with a USB flash drive.
  • Large, icon-driven high-resolution touch screen, with at-a-glance production-rate visibility.
  • Customisable top screen, one touch operation for common tasks, on-screen message prompts for faster, accurate code setup
  • Simple, one-touch, fluid cartridge refills during printing – no mess, no tools, no mistakes.
  • Self-service with an on-screen Wizard which guides operators through the service module change process – for a quick, engineer-free service.

Proven Linx reliability for maximum uptime

  • Advanced System Monitoring – internal monitoring helps to avoid unscheduled stoppages between service module changes – reliable coding for longer
  • Quick, clean startups every time – robust, completely sealed printhead, and Autoflush feature ensure continual reliable operation
  • Seasonal shutdown mode – printer is ready to print first time, even after extended shutdown, with no need for expensive printer flushing.
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