Matthews’ iDSnet a 2024 APPMA Awards of Excellence finalist

23 November 2023

Matthews Australasia is a finalist in the 2024 APPMA Awards of Excellence for its iDSnet package code management platform, with winners announced in March next year at the inaugural APPEX.

Matthews CEO Mark Dingley said, “We’re incredibly proud of our iDSnet solution. The transition from AUSPACK to APPEX drew a record number of entries in the APPMA Awards of Excellence, so to be selected as a finalist in the Digital Innovation category is a strong endorsement to our team that they’re doing excellent work.”

He said the iDSnet platform, which embraces the challenges and opportunities that manufacturers see with the emergence of Industry 4.0 in the past decade, now comprises two distinct forms:

  • iDSnet Cloud, a free, cloud-based platform that gives smaller family producers and manufacturers, who are wanting to dip their toes into the supermarket supply chain, the confidence that they will meet the required barcode-compliance standards without having to invest in complex software or hardware solutions; and
  • our customisable on-premises option; offering a simplied version, iDSnet Express, which gives one centralised point of control, reduces coding errors on products and connects your production line to the business’s network; and iDSnet Enterprise, which builds on iDSnet Express, offering greater insights to increase efficiency by enabling next-gen product traceability, seamlessly integrating highly complex SCADA networked production line equipment and ERP systems, and providing real-time production analytics, while also mitigating both the risk of connectivity-related challenges around external sources and cybersecurity breaches, and the risk of operator error by synchronising directly with the ERP; iDSnet Enterprise’s seamless QA reporting and downtime recording give manufacturers significant cost-savings and line efficiencies

Braydon Cocks, Matthews’s Product Specialist – iDSnet & LPA Solutions, said, “Our customers love the protection that both on-premises options offer with only admins able to change data. This means that workers who may not understand the complexity or risk of changing data, can’t do so.

“Since its inception, iDSnet has been an integral player in enabling Australian manufacturers to eliminate both waste in products on the factory floor and brand damage caused through coding & labelling errors. iDSnet is all about packaging quality assurance; ensuring the right code is on the right product at the right time, as well as the correct packaging at all levels – all of which helps to streamline manufacturing business operations through efficiently organising data.”

Mark said, “Our previous Awards of Excellence wins include two for iDSnet: the APPMA Best New Product Award and the APPMA Design Achievement Award. The other finalists in this year’s Digital Innovation category are strong, so whether we’re announced as winners or not on 13 March 2024 at the Gala Awards Night, we’re still very proud to have been named finalists.”

The iDSnet Cloud iteration was a finalist in the 2022 APPMA Awards of Excellence. It was named in the Community Contribution category, with the product freely available to Australia’s manufacturing community to help reduce labelling errors across the supply chain.

Mark said, “Having previously entered several Awards of Excellence, we know the company-wide, team benefit of entering them. Once again, the process of collating and submitting an entry has allowed us to celebrate our R&D and innovative collaborations, together. Independent judge feedback is always an excellence means benchmarking, too.

“Thank you to the entire Matthews team for their efforts here, and equally as important, thank you to our iDSnet customers who have helped us shape the product we have today. All of this has resulted in iDSnet being a finalist in the Digital Innovation Award category. If people would like to see the iDSnet platform in action, then please come and see us on Stand C045 at APPEX 2024!”