SSCC Pallet Labelling

Many production and packaging lines still hand print and apply pallet labels.

Australian grocery retailer requirements are for a GS1 Logistics Label to be placed on each forklift entry side on every pallet.

While it may be economical, it can cost the manufacturer a lot more if the pallet is rejected and returned because of incorrect pallet labelling.

Major retailers say one of the biggest problems in their supply chains is incorrect SSCC Labelling. Here are some of the main issues according to GS1 and major retail chains:

  • label position incorrect
  • no label
  • duplicated/mismatched SSCC
  • damaged label
  • won’t scan
  • label is under stretch wrap, so unreadable
  • pallet label is on one side only
  • incorrect product label
  • duplicated (SSCC number already used in last 12 months)

This paper discusses the problems and looks at how the above issues can be resolved — a very simple fix for anyone who palletises product to send to customers.

Pallet Label Applicator Sydney

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