Printing on Cartons

Improve productivity and achieve cost savings with class-leading coding and carton printing solutions.

Printing on cartons

Prominent product identification

Large character marking not only enhances branding on your secondary packaging but can also incorporate additional information (ie; barcode identifiers, images, QR codes, serialisation or logos) to facilitate down-stream product traceability. With our broad technology portfolio we can assist to select the right solution that meets your distance-to-visibility ratio and/or printing resolution requirements through single or blended technologies.

Carton printing results you can trust

Printing on carton packs requires specific print resolution and barcode quality. Fail to meet the specified standards and you risk product rejection by retailers. The result? Loss in sales, customers and profits.

Save costs and discover how Matthews can help you build a carton coding solution that sets up your business for success. High resolution printing on boxes? Check. Outer case coding that withstands demands of the supply chain? Check. High quality industrial printing on corrugated boxes? Absolutely. We can customise a carton printing solution to suit your precise application.

High speed printing on cartons and cases

Keep pace with the toughest production demands. Whether you’re printing on cardboard, paperboard, cases or cartons, our high-speed solutions will ensure your packaging line doesn’t skip a beat.

Popular Solutions for Printing on Cartons

There are numerous technologies to achieve product identification solutions on to outer cases / cartons and range from printing, laser and labelling formats. The below infographic shows the options available in terms of the differences in resolution, print size and speed variables.

Printing On Cartons

Inkjet Technology

Thermal Inkjet Printer

Print high quality, human-readable information directly onto cartons with thermal inkjet printer. Ideal for high-resolution printing onto cardboard, a thermal inkjet printer is ideal when you need crisp barcodes, graphics and text, even at high line speeds. Learn more

Impulse Inkjet Printer

Create exceptionally high-resolution printing on paperboard, cardboard and corrugated boxes with an Impulse Inkjet Printer. These high resolution inkjet printers are economical and efficient, even on high speed production lines. When you need to print product information, Matthews Mperia T-Series can be programmed to print alphanumeric text, barcodes and graphics on either one or two sides. Learn more

Drop On Demand

Print product name and batch information directly onto cartons with a Drop on Demand (DOD) printer. Ideal for printing larger product information onto cardboard, a DOD printer is extremely simple to operate, low cost, reliable and low maintenance. Learn more

Labelling Technology

Label Printer Applicator

Print and apply the correct barcodes and product information onto your cartons with a Label Printer Applicators (LPA). Great for high-speed lines, LPAs can automatically apply carton labels at speeds up to 70 labels per minute, depending on the application. Get the flexibility to label your cartons on multiple sides with ease. Learn more

Label Applicator

No more manual label application. Save valuable time, resources and costs with a Label Applicator (LA). Also known as in-line applicators, LAs are automated labelling systems that apply pre-printed pressure-sensitive labels onto a wide range of substrates. Learn more

Laser Technology

Laser Marking

Ensure high-quality printing on cartons with laser marking. Laser is a fast and cost-effective way to mark permanent codes onto cardboard and paperboard without cost and hassle of consumables and maintenance. Learn more

Compliant carton coding

With increasing interest in full generic case coding solutions, its important to ensure the replacing pre-printed cartons with inline printing meets the requirements of end users.  For example, printing barcodes on cartons (using inkjet technology) is not accepted by many major retailers.  However, many organisations have implemented large character, high resolution, brand on demand technologies onto carton with barcodes QR, Datamatrix etc. to facilitated improved supply chain internal traceability or for export markets.

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