OEE improvements made easy

Unlock powerful overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) data with Ignition, an automated software program with downtime tracking. With the right data at your fingertips, Ignition helps you see exactly how to increase asset utilisation, reduce operating cost and boost efficiency.

Matthews can help you seamlessly integrate Ignition with our iDSnet software, giving you complete control and visibility into your coding, labelling and checking processes. 

Unlock the power of OEE 

Calculating overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is a way of monitoring manufacturing effectiveness. Represented as a percentage, the OEE number allows you to benchmark your operations against the industry standard, and see where and how to make improvements. 

The three factors used to determine the overall equipment effectiveness of any facility are: availability, performance and quality. Ignition’s OEE Downtime Module calculates them all, giving you an indication of the efficiency of your equipment, production run, or entire facility.  

Get real-time results

With Ignition, all OEE and downtime data is displayed in real time, so you can responds to situations as they are happening. As a result, your business is able to achieve continuous improvement and successfully drive LEAN and Six Sigma strategies. 

Contact Matthews to find out how we can integrate Ignition into your production line to help you improve efficiency. 




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Intelligent Software Solutions (pdf 6.2MB)
Matthews Australasia offers a range of software solutions to integrate your code, check and capture devices on the production line. See how integrated solutions can deliver the benefits of more real-time data capture on your production line.
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