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Linx Contrast Printers

The inkjet printer that provides better contrast, adhesion and performance

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The Linx contrast inkjet printer range provides the capability to utilise the one coder for printing your critical business information onto a variety of dark and light substrates, potentially without having to purchase numerous machines and ink colour variants.

The 8910c and 8920c models have different benefits depending on environment, operational efficiency and product substrate requirements. The Linx 8910c and 8920c are ideal when you need a inkjet printer for wire, pipe extrusiom and cabel to glass and plastic parts. With a range of performance contrasting colours available, Linx contrast printers help to enhance visibility and brand identity.


Fewer Interventions

Designed to reduce machine intervention from start-up, to filling to maintenance, the 8910c and 8920c offer quick, clean startups every time, less downtime cleaning printheads through its robust, completely sealed printhead, auto flush feature ensure continual reliable operation. With the seasonal shutdown mode the system is ready to print first time, even after extended shutdown, with no need for expensive printer flushing.

Less interventions filling solvent achieved with a larger capacity, cartridges and the new, self-service module (situation depending), offers elongated time between services.

Enhanced Performance

New contrast ink formulations improve upon previous dry times, offer a better hue delivering a more prominent contrasting mark, expanded fast dry capabilities (colour depending) onto new product surfaces (from plastics to glass) and new yellow has improved ink shelf life lasting longer than ever before.

Advanced System Monitoring – internal monitoring helps to avoid unscheduled stoppages between service module changes - reliable coding for longer.

Simplicity When You Need It

Not only is the solvent capacity larger, its simple, one-touch, RFID fluid cartridge refills during printing – no mess, no tools, no mistakes.

Finally, inbuilt on-screen wizard, guides operators through the service module change process – for a quick, engineer-free service. Simply our best contrast printer yet.


Technical Specifications

Print Speeds & Sizes

Print Speeds & Sizes MK11 Midi Plus
Lines of print 3 lines (as standard)
Max Speed (2 Line, 7 dot character height) 2.38 m/s (0.52 drop pitch)
Throw Distance (Recommended) 20mm (distance from printhead to substrate)

Hardware Features

Easi-Change® Self Service Module, with change interval: up to 12 months (or 6,000 hours)^ 10-inch full colour touch screen with tough, solvent-resistant polymer cover
Unique automatic printhead flushing: typical cleaning, up to 1 month^ Extended shutdowns (up to 3 months) without printer flushing or draining
Mistake-proof, mess-free ink and solvent refilling while printing 2m printhead conduit length (standard)4m,
6m optional upgrade on 8920c model

Software Features

Single-press start print, pause print and jet shutdown On-screen output rate measurement and production stoppage log. Downloadable to USB
Auto power-off after jet shutdown On-screen help and diagnostics information
Simple message creation and editing with drag-and-drop field positioning and zoom function for long messages On-screen fluid level indicators, 12 hour running from fluid refill warning to printer stop in most applications
Message store display and message style selection Message store and printer settings backup, copy and restore using USB storage device
Password-protected functions, with customisable user profiles Simple line speed / shaft encoder setup wizard, for installation on new production lines
Message creation/editing while printing QuickSwitch® message selection and editing using bar code scanner Simple Communications Protocol (YAML based scripts) and Linx Remote Communications Interface for connection to PCs or PLCs using Ethernet port or optional RS232 port

Message Printing Facility

Text, symbols and numbers Bold character printing (up to 9 times)
Prompted fields for one-step message editing with customisable on-screen prompts Rotated character (tower) printing
Height, width and delay functions for easy code sizing and positioning Shift coding (message content changes automatically at defined times)
Automatic formats for printing dates and times (using the printer’s internal clock) Graphics and logos can be imported into the printer as bitmap files using the USB port
Automatic date forward function. Add number of seconds, minutes, hours to the current time, or number of days, weeks or months to the current date Number of messages stored: up to 1000 using internal printer memory (depending on message content), more can be stored using a USB storage device
Automatic time adjustment option for daylight savings time Reverse and inverted printing^ (8920c only)
Sequential numbering, forward and backward counting, variable intervals, multiple number ranges, alphanumeric sequencing Sequential text fields, increment and reset sequences using external triggers, optional one touch sequence reset from the printer screen
One touch sequential number reset option from the printer screen, and reset using external trigger Barcodes (ITF 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128, EAN 13, EAN 8, UPCA, Pharmacode, Data Matrix, QR Code)


Product Detector Volt-free contact alarm connection (e.g. for use with external mains-driven alarm)
Shaft encoder/second product detector Dual alarm output (Volt-free and 24V output)
External single-stage alarm output (24v) RS232
Ethernet Positive air purge to printhead (provides improved reliability in dusty or humid environments (option)

Physical Characteristics

Base and enclosure: Stainless steel Power consumption: 38W (typical when printing)
IP55 environmental protection rating** Power rating: 150 W
Operating temperature range: 5-45°C for MEK, Mixed & Ethanol base ink types Weight: 24.5kg (including fluids and printhead)
Power supply: 100-230V, 50/60Hz Regulatory approvals: GS, CE, EAC, NRTL, FCC
Carton Coding
Product Labelling
Primary GTIN Barcodes
Date Codes & Batch Codes
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