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Linx TT10+

High quality coding onto flexible film packaging

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The Linx TT10+ Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) is designed for high quality coding onto flexible film packaging (flow wrap), labels or gloss card. With high efficiency, ease of use and low ownership costs, the Linx TT10+ is ideal for product ID applications in snackfood, confectionery, and fresh produce businesses.

With a wider ribbon (up to 110mm) than the Linx TT5+, the Linx TT10+ is designed to print wider messages such as ingredients lists, nutritional panels, logos and marketing information.


Key Benefits

  • Generic Packaging & Printing
    The TT10+’s 107mm wide print width enables coding of more information onto flexible packaging such as nutritional panels, logos, barcodes and product information. This capability can be extended to Brand on Demand Printing, reducing the need to hold multiple and excess stock of different films, and print inline on requirement. Depending on your product, this flexibility can save significant costs in time, inventory whilst still achieving high quality printing.
  • Lower Operational Costs
    The airless TT10+, no longer requires compressed air (common with other alternatives) that not only enables easier integration onto your packaging machine, but produces better print quality consistency. With the potential for ultra-long length ribbons, tiny 0.5mm gap between prints, change-overs are less frequent. The revised lighter cassette, 3 guided fitment pins, and simplest 2 roller ribbon thread means ribbon changes are now even faster and easier than before!
  • Flexibility
    Capable of adapting you your changing business requirements, the TT10+ can be modified for either intermittent or continuous motion (depending on your current or future packaging machine requirements), compatible with a wide range of ribbons and featuring high print speed and throughput capable as standard allowing your investment to grow with your business.
  • Advanced Insights & Diagnostics
    It’s now never been easier to monitor the health of your machine. With advance printer diagnostics technology, the TT10+ built in systems can provide greater insights into the health of your printhead, its performance and can identify dead pixels that will fall within the printing message zone letting operators the chance to intervene and correct it before bad print is left on your products.


To ensure that our machines run at an optimal level we can supply you with the correct thermal ribbon for your application, production environment and printer. To view our full range, follow the link;

Contact Matthews to find out how the Linx TT10 will benefit your business.

Promotional Coding
Ingredient Lists & Nutritional Panels
Two Dimensional Codes
Primary GTIN Barcodes
Date Codes & Batch Codes

Linx TT10 Food Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Flexible coding for flexible packaging. Linx TT10 Thermal Transfer overprinters are ideal for flow wrap packaging in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

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