Precise and Automated Checkweighing

Keep your product quality and costs in check with Matthews’ checkweighing solutions. Flexible, precise and easy to use, Matthews’ checkweighers help you assure product quality and promote efficiencies on your line.

A checkweigher is an automatic or manual machine for checking the weight of your products, ensuring they are within specified limits and automatically removing any packs that aren’t. Matthews’ range of checkweighing systems is made in Germany by Bizerba, the global leader of manufacturing checkweighers, industrial scales and software. 

Take advantage of Matthews’ checkweighers for: 

  • Food and non-food products
  • Low-weight goods (10g to 15kg) 
  • Wet areas – Designed for factories where hygiene is paramount. Ideal for unpackaged food such as fish, poultry, minced meat, sausages, bakery products, milk and dairy products.
  • Classifying and sorting goods according to weight classes 
  • Goods in motion

Benefits of Checkweighers

Checkweighers ensure all packs leaving your factory door are within the specified weight range, helping your business to:

  • Reduce loss of profit and materials
  • Eliminate returns and complaints, as your goods are produced to customers’ satisfaction
  • Promote efficiencies, with a 100% checkpoint that eliminates the need for manual sample testing and recording for weight
  • Bring transparency into your production process
  • Reinforce brand loyalty and be more competitive
  • Get peace of mind that your plant is compliant with consumer-protection legislation and retailer requirements

Flexible solutions. Precise results

Matthews can help you choose the right system for your processes, manufacturing environment and business needs. Our stand-alone manual checkweighers are ideal for weight-based marking and come with an integrated database, while our checkweigh-labelling systems include compact, fully automatic labellers. 

Whichever checkweigher you choose, we can help you seamlessly integrate the machine into your production line to streamline your business. Checkweighers sit near the end of a production line, but with Bizerba checkweighing systems you can also have multiple displays set up along the production line, so you can get all the important data at a glance – wherever you are.


Accurate, efficient Weigh Labelling Systems
Streamline your production line with weigh-labelling or weigh-price labelling systems from Matthews. Made in Germany by Bizerba, our flexible, fully automated solutions will accelerate efficiency in both food and non-food industries.
Checkweighing systems
Drive targeted cost reductions and more transparency with Matthews’ checkweighing systems. Made in Germany by Bizerba, our high-performance range of checkweighers make it easy to get greater visibility and efficiency across your production line.


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