Checksafe 250

Checksafe 250 X-Ray Inspection System

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The Cost Effective X-Ray

Focusing on design and manufacturing efficiency has allowed us to offer a highly competitive pricefor the Checksafe 250 inspection x-ray syste,. This means we can provide a more cost-effective solution for our customers without compromising on quality or features.


Small X-Ray Footprint to Fit Your Space

With dimensions of 2025mm x 800mm it makes for a compact inspection x-ray resulting in minimal disruption to already existing production lines.

Easy and Fast User Interface

The sleek, compact design and touchscreen interface allow for quick and easy use when running, caring and maintaining the Checksafe 250.

Ensure QC Compliance with Updated Supermarket X-Ray Requirement

With cutting-edge image processing technology and the ability to detect foreign objects with its superior sensitivity settings, the Checksafe 250 can help guarantee compliance with the high supermarket standards.

Quality European Design

Even though the Checksafe 250 is a low-cost inspection x-ray the sleek and sophisticated design and manufacturing of the machine guarantees for efficiency and reliability. The design features compliment the easy integration onto the production floor whilst meeting all industry safety requirements.

Westhaven Dairy Testimonial Video

Westhaven Dairy - Customer Testimonial

Tasmania's Westhaven Dairy is a family-owned business located in Invermay, Tasmania. Westhaven approached Matthews to assist in providing date coding and inspection equipment onto their production line.

"The likes of teaming up with someone like Matthews, has given us the opportunity to identify different things that we can purse"

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We interviewed a range of industry professionals including customers, business partners and suppliers from around the world asking just one question - Why choose Matthews? Watch to find out exactly why you should choose Matthews too.

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