Checksafe 400

The Ideal X-Ray Machine for Food Inspection & Production

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The Checksafe 400 is the perfect food x-ray machine due to being able to handle products with a high level of moisture or packaging containing metal.

The advanced x-ray technology allows customers to see inside products to detect foreign objects making for seamless integration with food inspection x-raying to ensure the highest quality product reaches the customer.


Wider Conveyor Size to Fit Food Product Packaging

A wider conveyor detection area of 400mm x 200mm, enables the Checksafe 400 to inspect large food products and trays of smaller food products with ease. Easily scan packed fresh produce such as punnets of strawberries and ensure the fresh goods you supply are free from contaminants.

Easy and Fast User Interface

The integrated interface and sleek design of the Cheksafe 400 contributes to the easy use of this food x-ray when running, cleaning and maintaining it.

Ensure QC Compliance with Updated Supermarket X-Ray Requirements

With cutting edge image processing technology and ability to detect foreign objects with its superior sensitivity settings, the Checksafe 400 can help to guarantee compliance with the high supermarket standards.



Quality European Design

The sleek and sophisticated design of the Checksafe 400 ensures for efficiency and reliability. This is complemented by the easy integration onto the production floor whilst meeting all industry safety requirements.


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