Bizerba Varicon: Metal and Non-Metal Detection

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Quickly and reliably detect all ferrous and non-ferrous metals in your packaged and unpackaged items with the Bizerba Varicon metal detection system.

Bizerba Varicon detects a wide range of non-ferrous materials including glass, metals, stones and other contaminants. Together with Bizerba separating systems, you can eject packages containing impurities from your line. And because Bizerba offers a broad range of accessories, there are up to 200 different, totally individual systems available.

Matthews can seamlessly integrate the system into your line, along with Bizerba CWE checkweighers and the GLM-I Series pricers.


Top Features & Benefits of Varicon by Bizerba

  • Adapted to suit you: With the extensive range of accessories, there are up to 200 different, totally individual systems available.
  • Multi-product memory: Stores information for up to 240 products, allowing simple installation and exceptional overall product performance.
  • Suitable for food industry: IP 65 rated system, with stainless steel to comply with strict hygiene specification in the food industry (HACCP, IFS, GMP and ISO 9000).
  • Maximum sensitivity: Features a GHF coil for a new dimension in detection sensitivity and accuracy, combined with high resistance to interference. Also available with multi-frequency technology for optimal product recognition.
  • Variable speed conveyor metal detector: Can be easily adapted to suit your production line.

Contact Matthews to find out how we can integrate a Bizerba Varicon into your production line.

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