XRE-D 250/400

The idea large product inspection x-ray

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Suitable for wet areas

The XRE-D is one of the only large product inspection X-ray units that can be wash downed, making it perfectly suited for production floors with wet areas.


Large Inspection X-ray Ensures Faster Processing Rates

The XRE-D Large Inspection x-ray unit has a maximum inspection height of 200mm and width of 450mm. The large surface area makes it ideal to inspect the quality of large products that weigh up to 15kg without compromising the speed of your production line.


Easy and Fast User Interface

This sleek and compact modular large inspection X-ray unit has been designed to enable easy use when running, caring and maintaining the machine.


Ensure QC Compliance with Updated Supermarket X-ray Requirements

The XRE-D 250/400 has cutting edge image processing technology and the ability to detect foreign objects.The superior sensitivity settings can help to guarantee compliance with high supermarket standards.

Quality European Design

The XRE-D 400/250 being the largest inspection X-ray has a sleek and sophisticated design that helps to ensure ease of integration onto the production floor. The design of the machine also helps with its reliability and efficiency of production whilst meeting all industry safety requirements.

Contaminant Detection

XRE-D Inspection

The XRE X-ray inspection system is the X-ray system that will not miss a thing. It identifies plastics, glass, metal, stone, rubber and inconsistent products (application dependant). Defective items are automatically rejected from the line and data can be captured for recall later or monitored in real time.


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