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Bizerba CWE checkweigher for high accuracy performance

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Tap into the exceptional flexibility and precision of the Bizerba CWE checkweigher. Available in a large number of combinations, this standard model provides flexibility to suit your unique application and environment. With high-speed capabilities and weighing ranges up to 15 kg, Bizerba CWE makes it easy to realise the benefits of precision weighing on your production line.

In the food industry, Bizerba CWE series checkweighers are used predominantly in middle and high performance settings. In the non-food applications, you can integrate the CWE checkweigher into lines with high outputs and weighing ranges up to 15 kg.


Top Features & Benefits of the CWD by Bizerba

  • Design flexibility: The standard model is available in a large number of combinations, including combi-checkers with a metal detector. Ability to integrate in food lines with medium and high performance settings, and non-food lines with high output.
  • Easy install: Thanks to their modular design, Bizerba's CWE maxx systems adjust to fit any production lines. Height and direction of movement can be easily changed on-site.
  • High-speed checkweigher scale: Up to 400 products per minute can be weighed, depending on weight and size.
  • Large weight range: Features weighing ranges from 10 g up to 15 kg.
  • Seamless integration: Modular design for seamless integration into wide-ranging production lines, including with metal detection systems.
  • Data evaluation: Bizerba’s statistics.BRAIN allows statistic data evaluation, so you can optimise your production line. User friendly: 7" colour display with GT-Softcontrol and alphanumeric keyboard guarantees easy operator use.

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Eburon Velling Borgloon - Customer Testimonial

Eburon Velling Borgloon is a fruit auction and packger in the Haspengouw region of Belgium. They have implemeneted a Bizerba CWE Checkweigher to help with their weigh-price labelling solutions to ensure that all products that leave their facotry door have the same, uniformed weight.


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